University Finances


Updates 2011


In partial resolution of an outstanding grievance and a complaint filed with the Labour Board, TUFA and the Employer agreed in August to the establishment of a joint committee to review institutional data and its implications for academic staffing. The schedule for meeting of the FISC is designed to ensure that the Union receives critical information when it is still timely, and not after institutional reactions to it are fait accompli.


On February 7th, 2011, TUFA's representatives on the Financial Information Subcommittee (FISC) released a summary report based on the information provided to them by senior management over the course of three meetings, beginning in November 2010.


FISC Report 1

   February 2011


Along with the report from the FISC, TUFA's Executive Committee also released a specialist's analysis of the University's finances. This is a useful background document to help understand the immediate financial crisis in the context of decisions made by the University's Board and Management in recent years.


Trent University Finances: Summary Analysis

   February 2011


Updates 2010


In January, 2010, TUFA's representatives to Joint Committee were presented with a sketchy draft budget that provided a rationale for catastrophic staffing cuts at the University. Very shortly thereafter, the Association established a subcommittee of the Executive Committee to provide accurate information to TUFA's membership on Trent's finances. This new "University Finance Oversight Committee" (UFOC) was charged to do the following:

            - document the budget structure and decision-making procedures within the University;

            - identify and highlight issues that affect the membership in relation to University finances;

            - provide support to the membership and Executive through these activities, in preparation for collective bargaining and in responding to specific financial issues that affect working conditions;

            -  employ financial specialists on an ad hoc basis and as needed in support of the Committee's tasks.


In 2010, UFOC prepared and posted five informational items and reports:


UFOC 1: Original Questions

   February 15, 2010

UFOC 2: Responses from Administration

   February 26, 2010

UFOC 3: Report of the Committee

   March 11, 2010

UFOC 4: Follow-up Questions

   March 30, 2010

UFOC 5: Powerpoint Presentation

   November 3, 2010




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