Motion passed by the TUFA membership at the March 16, 2016 GMM

Moved that the Membership accept the recommendation of the Executive Committee and approve the Equity sub-committee’s request for authorization to collect individual information from TUFA members regarding each of our member’s identification with indigenous and equity-seeking groups, in particular those related to the protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code. All such data may be used to identify patterns and issues related to equity in the workplace. All such data are to be protected and not used in a manner that would reveal publicly, or allow to be determined, any individual member’s self-identification.




Letter sent to members on April 12, 2016

Consistent with a motion passed by the membership at the General Membership Meeting on March 16th, 2016, the Executive is launching an equity survey as part of our ongoing efforts to promote an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace.
One outcome from this survey will be an analysis of wage equity, in line with with the current provincial Government's Gender Wage Gap Strategy. We will also be assessing the extent to which the principle of equity has been reflected and advanced in hiring and other decisions related to members’ careers at Trent. To these ends, we need accurate information from our members about how they identify with different groups—especially those indigenous and equity-seeking groups related to the protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code.
It is vital that all members participate in this survey census so that we can recommend strategies for TUFA to address any inequities we find.  The survey instrument allows members to skip questions they do not wish to answer. In the event the analysis of collected data reveals inequities, we will recommend strategies to address these inequities, particularly during the coming round of bargaining. To allow for this, please complete the survey by April 29, 2016.
To complete our analysis, the data collected will need to be correlated with our existing member records on hiring dates, rank/step progression, merit awards, and tenure/promotion decisions. Consequently, these data will not initially be anonymized, but will be treated confidentially in the following ways.
Data with ongoing relevance to the union’s work of representation will be added to the Association’s member database. Information about month/year of birth, country of origin, ancestry/colour/race/culture, gender identity, and prior employment history will be retained. The rest of the data collected through this survey (pertaining to citizenship, disability, family and partnership status, religion, and sexual orientation) will be correlated with each member’s employment data and then placed in an anonymized database for analysis. The Association’s Equity subcommittee and anyone else contracted to analyze these data will be provided with the anonymized data only.
TUFA will store any information gathered through this survey securely and will destroy the raw data immediately following its processing. Data generated for this survey shall be used to advance the interests of TUFA members collectively, and for the specific purposes identified above and not for publications or any other purpose.
Any member identifying as a person with a disability will be contacted by TUFA to ensure that appropriate accommodations, if any, have been sought and provided.













June 3rd, 2016