Executive & Staff



Executive Committee:



Jocelyn Williams, President, (Anthropology), DNA C222,  ext 7441

Dirk Wallschlaeger, Vice President, (Environment/Chemistry), CSB F114, ext 7378

Ray Dart, Treasurer, (Business Administration) GCS 367, ext 7620

James Watson, Secretary, (Library), Bl 206, ext 7330

Ingrid Brenner, Member at Large, (Nursing/Biology), DNA B108.1,  ext 7253

Paul ElliottMember at Large, (Education), OC 157, ext 7084

Byron Stoyles, Member-at-Large  (Philosophy), EC N118.4 ext 7096



David Newhouse, Grievance Officer, (Indigenous Studies/Business Administration),

GCS 301, ext 7497

Susan Wurtele, Chief Negotiator, (Environment/Geography), ESB306,  ext 7454 

Member at Large, LTAs, Vacant

Joanna Freeland, Member-at-Large, Equity (Biology), LHS C251 ext 7180

Helen Haines, Member at Large, Durham, (Anthropology), 181 OSH,  ext 5045

Fergal O'Hagan, Member at Large, LTA, (Psychology) DNA C134 ext 7086

Ex Officio

Geoff Navara, Past-President, (Psychology), DNA C129, ext 7539




Faculty Association Staff:

Marcus Harvey, Executive Director,  CCE3, ext 7123

Nancy Carter, Administrative Assistant, CCE2, ext 7334

Fax: (705) 748-1651  


Awards Committee:

Dirk Wallschlaeger, Chair, (Environment/Chemistry)

Hubert Burke, (Physics)

Jaime Morales, (Business Administration)

Geoff Navara, (Psychology)


Community and Social Justice Contributions Committee:

Ray Dart, Chair, (Business Administration)

David Holdsworth, (Cultural Studies)



Grievance Committee:

David Newhouse, Chair, (Indigenous Studies/Business Administration)

Geoff Navara, (Psychology)

Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)

Jocelyn Williams, (Anthropology)

James Watson, (Library)

Dirk Wallschlaeger, (TSOE-Environment/Chemistry)


Nomination and Election Committee:

James Watson, Chair, (Library)

David Newhouse, (Indigenous Studies/Business Administration)

Charmaine Eddy, (English)

Richard Hurley, (Computing & Information Studies)

Aaron Slepkov, (Physics)


Representative to Faculty Board:

James Watson, (Library)


Visitor to Senate:

David Newhouse, (Indigenous Studies/Business Administration)


Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement:

Geoffrey Navara, Co-Chair, (Psychology)

Dirk Wallschlaeger, (Environment/Chemistry)

David Newhouse, (Indigenous Studies/Business Administration)

Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)



Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement - Financial:

Paul Elliott, (Education)

Mike Epp, (English)

Paul Shaffer, (International Development)

Ralph Shiell, (Physics)



Multi-Workplace Joint Heath and Safety Committee:

Julian Aherne, (Environment)

Ingrid Brenner, (Nursing)


Intellectual Property and Copyright Committee:

Ken Field, (Library)


Joint Committee on Parity:

Dirk Wallschlaeger, (Environment/Chemistry)

Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)


Pension Sub-Committee:

Byron Lew, (Economics)

Jaime Morales, (Business Adminstration)

Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)


Apendix R - Review of Merit:

Susan Wurtele, (Environment/Geography)

Karleen Pendleton Jimenez, (Education)

Rachel Wortis, (Physics)














April 4th, 2017